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Some top picks of foolproof welders

Lincoln 210 MP

Multiprocess welder, Small package,
dual voltage (120V, 230V)

WeldPro 200 Amp

Great price, Very compact multiprocess welder,
dual voltage (120V, 230V)

Hobart Handler 140

Fantastic price, Compact mig welder, 115V input,
flux cored welder (no gas needed)

Need project ideas? Have project ideas?

Sometimes all we want is to make something awesome, but when it comes to ideas for fun projects we come up empty. Feel free to send us any project ideas and pictures of your own projects for our blog page.

Top Picks: Multiprocess Welders

Multiprocess welders are usually compact machines that can perform several different welding processes.

They are great options for the happy home owner who wants to weld steel and dabble with aluminum

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